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monday morning inspiration-urban cycling

We found this via REI’s facebook feed this morning and we thought we would share the video with you all!


Discover urban cycling with REI

Enjoy and we hope this gives you a great start to your week!


Side Reflection is a Tough Commodity

The question that many cyclists ask is how they can be more visual to motorists on the road. In too many places that we ride, motorists could care less about bikers…bottles thrown, words yelled, horns honked, too close for comfort…and the list goes on, but sometimes its a matter of being as visual as possible.

So how do we make ourselves ‘seen’?

Cat Eyes and Sigma make some great blinkers and lights, but that usually only covers the front and back of the bike (and a law in some states!). i also notice that most bikers take off the reflectors that are put on from the bike shop…i know they look dorky…but then what do you do about side reflection? there are some great tires that have reflection on the sidewalls and from what i hear they work great, but that’s not for everyone.

What do you do then for better visualization and side reflection? check this out…

Cyclelogical's Chop Spokes

Cyclelogical's Chop Spokes

Cyclelogical’s ChopSpokes are a pretty simple way to make yourself seen!

Wheel Reflection
aStud Rider