being cyclelogical

Cyclelogical originated 10 years ago as a dream and one simple bag idea. Today that dream has developed and initiated its 4th year of business. Cyclelogical desires to bring the top travel and bike commuter gear to the market, offering lifestyle products such as bicycle bags, bicycle accessories, and cool tee shirts.

Each bag is designed and made in the USA for all weather and any type of setting.  Cyclelogical’s objective is to get you to and from your destination in style and with each purpose in mind, whether it is to the airport or the office, to school or a casual ride to a local coffee shop. Cyclelogical recognizes that using the correct equipment and having the right options are important, no more….no less.

The tee shirt line showcases unique designs that aim for fun, quirky concepts and the love of biking. Each shirt is constructed to be stylish, comfortable and set to make a statement. A goal of Cyclelogical is to manufacture as many of its shirts in the USA, using environmental friendly resources such as organic cotton or recycled PET (plastic bottles).

Cyclelogical is a fantastic fusion of bicycling, fashion and a way of life. Simply put, Cyclelogical is more than just a brand it is a lifestyle. It’s a motto, it’s a statement, it is a dream that we all live.


One thought on “being cyclelogical

  1. I can dig this! Definitely need to get a tee and cap ordered! 🙂


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