who we are

JCA mountain biking junkie from sunny california, JD is the master wizard of  cyclelogical. When not behind his curtain of creating, he spends time riding with his beautiful wife and kids. He hopes to one day meet  Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritze from American Pickers

SD- Our resident super model triathlete! SD will run or bike circles around all of us and has a fond affection for good music, organic skin products and her beautiful family. She is probably the most active out of all of us, whether she is training for her next marathon or running after her 3 year old boy.

KTa cycling enthusiast with a fondness for raw denim. KT works hard  so he can play hard and is always up for in depth conversation over a good bourbon. His favorite place to bike is near Zion, UT and dreams of  one day doing a tandem bike race with his favorite daughter.

AT new to the cycling world, she has fallen in love with riding.  AT is the beauty and  brains behind cyclelogical and keeps the  others in line. Her dream vacation is to bike across Europe with her husband and a couple friends. 


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