who we are

JDA mountain biking junkie from sunny california, JD is the master wizard of  Cyclelogical. When not behind his curtain of creating, he spends time riding with his beautiful wife and kids. 

SD- Our resident super model triathlete! SD will run or bike circles around all of us and has a fond affection for good music, organic skin products and her beautiful family. She is probably the most active out of all of us, whether she is training for her next marathon or running after her 8 year old son.

BSa cycling “newbie” as well as a fresh transplant from the east coast. BS is utilizing his communication skills and subtle charm to care for our cyclelogical customers. He’s living the dream in his ’76 Airstream striving to get back into the “cycling shape” he was in when he lived and rode bikes all day in Asia.

2 thoughts on “who we are

  1. I think this message is for JC. I met you maybe two years ago on Gridley trail (you had two dogs, I was with my Aussie). Back at the trail head, you pulled out a commuter pack from your van and gave me to try out(thanks again by the way!). Well, sorry to say I never used it, but I did give it to an acquaintance who commutes daily to work. I’m not even sure that you sell that particular pack anymore, but my condition for passing it on to him was that he provide you feedback on the product.

    Do you have an email address that I can pass on? Also, give me a shout if you want to get out on the dirt.




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