Vintage Raleigh found on side of street

I was cruising home the other day in my trusty van and spotted this Vintage Raleigh,  it is made in Ireland.  How cool!  I did some research on it, and the factory apparently burnt down and never re-opened.  I guess the Irish should just stick with BEER.  Going to repurpose this bad boy and have it at the upcoming Interbike.



Brody travel trailers

If your into cycling, your probably into road tripping and camping. We are!! Our friends at Brody travel trailers do restorations on vintage trailers. Really nice stuff. Check them out.

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An old barn, beam and bike.

This past weekend I was in the heartland of the Midwest, visiting family and came across a treasure in an old barn.

So I’m guessing the old bike was on the 2nd floor of the barn.

No one even knew it was up there, I thought I knew of every bike that was out in the old barn, but I guess not.  So anyway when the roof collapsed it fell and an old beam went right through the main part of the frame. The bike is still in really good shape. the frame is not bent  and there is  just a little rust.  The bike has internal gears and is  made in England. On the head badge it says Cadillac.

I have removed it from the beam and will probably just remove some of the rust and keep original patina. And make sure it runs… its really cool.  ~JD