Two of our Favourite athletes in the Mountain Biking World!!

When I started working with my college buddy, JD, who started Cyclelogical…I was not terribly familiar with the “Mountain Biking World.”  Sure, I had gone out occasionally with him and others on some “not so threatening” trails in Cali, AZ and UT but just to “have fun” (i.e. get a few bruises and scrapes) not a whole lot beyond that.  Then as I traveled to events like the Kamikaze Bike Games up at Mammoth Mountain my eyes started to open to what you MTB athletes go through and I was extremely impressed!

Then JD encouraged me to look up an MTB athlete, Syd Schulz, @sydschulzathlete and I have been “hooked” on her and Macky ever since.  In fact this morning, while drinking my coffee with coconut oil to get warmed back up after my 6am ride…I read her latest blog:

She just has a great, unconquerable attitude with a the ability to just “tell it like it is” with no apology.  She has “pure moxie” as my uncle used to say. Beyond her blog and FB and Instagram, I find myself occasionally checking out Syd & Macky’s YouTube channel and absolutely LOVE this video they posted about a month ago…in which they go through their “Top 10” crashes of their 2017 season (my personal favs #7 “I made it past the part I was worried about” and #5 “Macky vs the log 😉

Add to all this that they are “van life” people like myself, who enjoy traveling around, and even sport our Cyclelogical clothes at times when they are off their bikes…( (


How could you not love them?!?!?  I encourage you to take sometime and check them out (you know in those “down times” at work when you need a to break up the monotony;) Cheers! -BS

**Photos below from Syd’s Instagram with her sporting our: MusicToMyGears, Bronto, BikeFlower Tshirts and BikeMobile sweatshirt:)

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“work don’t play” -London commuter

Here is a short little interview from a friend who has been bike commuting in London for a few years. I love her photos and think she is one cool “chickie!” ~AT

Name-(screen name)Stylechickie

 Where do you liveLondon 

Career/Jobs-International Relationship Manager for a Charity


 How long have you been commuting by bike3 years


What lead you to start commuting by bike?

It’s really horrible being on the underground in summer when it’s really hot and crowded. I’ve always loved being on a bike and so it was a pretty natural move. Also the healthy option!

 What is the best part of commuting in your city?

Sometimes (most often!) I beat my friends home that take the bus. And it’s free. I also love racing the boys when in a dress and heels – they never expect it.

What is the worst part of commuting in your city?

Buses most definitely, and taxi drivers… some times it’s a little too scary for words. There are some bad cyclists out there that give us a bad name and they upset taxi drivers who can cut you off really badly.

 Do you commute via bicycle all year long?

Um, yes in theory.. Although of late I’m a fair weather cyclist. I don’t like to ride in the rain. I’ve even ridden in the snow which is great, but the rain.. Not so much.

 Your dream bicycle vacation?

Ohh.. Would really love to go mountain biking to morocco, or do a cyclist tour through Europe.

 What brand bike do you ride?

I ride a front suspension mountain bike. Its white and came out of a shop window – so it has a kick stand.. Unique and is a nice touch for a lady! It also has a sticker on it that says..’’work don’t play’’

Why do you think it’s important to be “Cyclelogical?”

Because its eco friendly, its free and its health. Wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s also the best way to see your city.

If you could give a piece of advice from something you have learned about commuting in your city what would it be?

Always stand up on your bike when going through big intersections or traffic circles – its makes it easier for the cars to see you, most cyclists don’t realise this. When cycling close to parked cars or delivery vans ALWAYS look in their wing mirrors to see if they are about to open the door – useful piece of advice that will save you being thrown off your bike unsuspecting opened door.

 Favorite blogs, websites info –cycling related  a friend of mine owns the store 


Check out more of Stylechickie’s photos on Tumbler