the great parts of a city…MKE style

being a company based in Milwaukee (offices in CA too), you somehow find ways to explore your city. For us, it’s really hard because we travel so much and spend more time in other cities than we do our own.

So the other nite my wife and I set out on a mission to explore Milwaukee on our bikes. Really, we just wanted to do a long ride and try a different route than our normal ‘go south-ward’ out of the driveway.

here is what we found…An amaing 100 mile route thru Milwaukee county call the Oak Leaf Trail. it was fun and beautiful all at the same time. The trail is well marked…oh all paved trails too…and takes you thru some of the neatest parts of Milwaukee. The route will take you thru some county parks that might be off the beaten path, past the lake front, which is simply beautiful, thru some neighborhoods that will take your breath away and simply help you to appreciate the entire city of Milwaukee.

my wife and i┬ádid about 26 miles of the trail and often found ourselves saying: ‘hey, this is so cool, i didn’t know this was in our city!’ We found some new restaurants, new parks and best of all a new coffee shop.

check out the trail’s website with a list of maps and great info: maps:

note that this trail isn’t just designed for bikers, so be aware and┬ácourteous of walkers, runners, owners of pets and those pushing babies!

enjoy the ride!