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“Always, always ride defensively” – another bicycle commuter interview

We are always excited to interview people who  bicycle commute as a lifestyle.

Kyle agreed to do this interview after I met his wife last month (who, by the way has a great food blog –

Thanks again Kyle! ~AT

Where do you live?- Vacaville, CA

Career/job?-  Rate Analyst for Recology.  I tell people I’m saving the earth as our focus is on recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ that goes to a landfill.

Age?- 47, but soon to be 48

Kyle is wearing our urban gaiter on his ankle as well as having our reflective spoke chops on his wheels.

How long have you been commuting by bike? – 3 1/2 years

What lead you to start commuting by bike? Initially I started riding because we only had one car and it was more convenient to ride.  Now I do it for the health benefit and it is much cheaper than paying $4+ for a gallon of gas

What is the best part of commuting in your city? It’s a relatively flat, easy ride to work.

What is the worst part of commuting in your city?  I don’t always feel completely safe riding in the bicycle lane.  Riding during main commuting hours can lead to drivers hustling to work and not always being aware of riders.  For now, there are some wide sidewalks on my ride, so I use them in the high traffic areas.

Do you commute via bicycle all year-long?  If I can.  Our winter is typically when all the rain comes for the season, so I don’t get to ride as much then as I’d like.  The spring, summer and fall are usually perfect for riding.  I’d say about 75% of the time I ride to work.  It’s 2.5 miles each way, so it’s pretty easy.

Your dream bicycle vacation?Without a doubt, following the Tour de France whether riding or just watching.  Love the country.  Love the race.

What brand bike do you ride?Trek

Why do you think it’s important to be “Cyclelogical?”–  You’ve got to use your head while riding.  That means the right gear…helmet, gaiter, lights, reflectors.  It also means not taking risks when commuting in traffic on your bike.  Riding to work helps with fitness, it’s great for the environment and you get some much-needed fresh air during the day.  It’s also a great stress reliever on the ride home if the day has been crazy.

If you could give a piece of advice from something you have learned about bicycle commuting what would it be?–  Always, always ride defensively.  Drivers are rarely looking for a bicycle in their path.  Until you make eye contact when crossing a driver’s path, never assume you are seen.

Favorite blogs, websites infocycling related  Honestly don’t read any cycling blogs, but in the San Francisco area they have a ‘Ride to Work Day’ and there is usually a great turnout for this in the City.  Also, I follow the daily events of the Tour de France pretty closely during July.