my favorite gift

Happy holidays everyone! I feel as though we have been on our own personal planet the past 5 days. We shut down the office on Friday and re-opened today. I cannot believe it is already Wednesday and we are gearing up for the introduction of 2012. We are excited for all the new gear we have in the works for the next year and for a few personal cycling goals. This past year rocked as a company and everyday I am thankful for getting to do what I do.  ~AT

I wanted to share a photo of my favorite gift from the weekend.


Cycling NYC 2011: A Tribute

We were at the New Am bike show this past summer and were so inspired by the cities range of cyclists. From families to businesswomen and everything in between. put this video up on December 20th to celebrate NYC Cycling in 2011 . I just wanted to share in the celebration. ~AT

Celebrating NYC Bicycling 2011: A Tribute


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