North American Handmade Bike Show

We are only a couple weeks away from the NAHBS in Sacramento, California! If you are planning on attending, make sure to stop by our booth #804 to say hi and remember we will have special pricing on all our product for NAHBS attendees.


We also are excited to check out all the amazing art exhibits at ArtBike throughout the city. which started February 11th that connects the community of Sacramento with the show. To read more click on the banner. 


A mile marker of a small business

We are a very small company with big hearts and lots of dreams. This week was a mile marker with one of those dreams!  When we started Cyclelogical about 3 years ago, one of the first big stores we called was REI.  We knew if we had a platform with this company we would begin to get ourselves on the map of the outdoor sporting/adventure world in the United States. Last spring we received a call from REI asking if we could show them our line of men’s tee shirts. Fast forward a few months later of  intense work and effort and we have finally landed!  The I am the motor shirt in charcoal can now be purchased in every REI store in the country along with the our fuel shirt.

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We feel at times as a company that we are like the little train engine climbing the hill saying to ourselves “I think I can, I think I can!” This week has been a bench mark for us at Cyclelogical and with high fives all around we are able to say “we did it!” 

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20% off – winter sale

Check out our long sleeve shirts to to wear throughout the next few months.

All organic cotton or recycled polyester, these shirts are great to promote your  bicycle lifestyle.

All long sleeve shirts are 20% off for the month of January including free shipping. (price will be deducted at check out)

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Interbike and back

We had a great time at Interbike this year and have returned to our office with caffeine in hand ready to face a week of catch up.

We met tons of cool people this past week but I wanted to highlight one person in particular. Susi Wunsch from velojoy. Susi rocked our “cluck” shirt during the Momentum fashion show at Interbike. Her blog is full of  insightful information for city cyclists from fashion to riding in different types of  weather as well as captivating local living in New York City.  Check out her blog!  ~AT

All the RAGBRAI fun….

there is nothing better than the RAGBRAI crowd! people from all over the country meet in one super small town on the west side of Iowa to bike one of the most flat corn filled states in the union. but there is nothing better in Iowa than this ride!

in our 2nd RAGBRAI year, the Cyclelogical crew packed the car full of gear, tee’s, bags and all the fun stuff we sell for the nearly flooded town of Glenwood, IA. Unlike other trips, when the Cyclelogical crew leaves the miniature crew member (the 8 year old) behind, this year she was able to come along! what a great kid…super helpful, amazing sales person and best of all she learned how to swim in the deep end of the pool at our hotel!

This year the expo event at RAGBRAI was a bit different from last year, yep this year it was about 98 degrees, with a heat index well over 200 degrees, well, lets just say it was uncomfortable and hot. It did rain 3 times, which we thought would help with the heat, but it just made life under our tent worse! we also ran into a server thunderstorm warning, which we thought we could wait out even though the ‘take cover’ sirens were going off, until someone from the sherif’s dept came by on a bike and told everyone to take cover in the nearby high school. haha. at that point, we ducked inside for about 30 min.

at this point in the day, we didnt know what to do, keep selling stuff, pack up and go home or just hang out with all the bikers? We finally decided to re-pack our car, I say re-pack, because during the frenzy of getting to the high school, we threw all our gear into the back of our car…key word ‘threw’. Our idea was to re-pack our car, take everything out and put it all back in some type of organized way, but while we repacked, the cyclelogical team decided to put the tent back up and hang up one shirt…our famous ‘I am the Motor’

Let the madness begin. for the next 3 hours, we were swamped with people, nonstop we were moving and shakin! it was a great way to show the miniature cyclelogical crew member what business is all about!

did i mention we only hand hung up one shirt! about an hour into the madness, the rest of the shirts went up!

what a good time, as always RAGBRAI and the RAGBRAI riders are great. some of the best in the world. we had a great day meeting all kinds of people, checking out everyone’s bikes and enjoying everyone’s excitement as they got ready to embark on their 400+ mile ride!