the high country

I have been in the high country of Colorado the past few days, in Teller County. I have spent lots of time up in these mountains and every time I am here, it’s as if I am seeing them for the first time. The view of Pikes Peak is breathtaking, the green and brown tall strong trees that line the rocky crags and all a while being warmed by the bright and beautiful Colorado sunshine. Some people call this place God’s Country and I would have to agree with a hearty “amen!”  If you have never visited this part of the country then you are missing out! Come in the summer and make sure to bring your road or mountain bike to experience the beauty first hand.

 I am only here for one more day and then back to our office in Milwaukee to pack up and head even further west to California for the  NAHBS.



the heartland of America

Living  here in the Midwest has a nice Americana-vintage feel about it at times. As you pass the barns, corn fields, and beautiful country sunsets you are reminded that this really is the heartland of America. You are awestruck a bit more when the view is seen from a road bike and you take in the sights along with the sounds and smells of the land. But sometimes the Midwest in all its heritage and family living is a bit rigid when it comes to us cyclists.

At the same dinner party mentioned in the previous post we heard a story about just this very thing.

C. (the one with the nice bike) was telling this story of her husband L. (the one who wrote home about her nice bike) L. went for a ride one day in one of our neighboring states, there he was on a stretch of beautiful Midwest country road, biking and enjoying everything the day had to offer. Not a car or person in sight for miles. He eventually heard the faint sound of  a vehicle approaching and knew it had plenty of room to maneuver around him. As the driver got closer, L. realized it was of course a good ole heartland truck! The driver slowed down at Larry’s speed and pulled up right alongside him and began to yell…..

“Hey You, Hey there Mr.  Lance Armstrong, Hey get off the road! Yeah you Lance, You will NEVER win the Tour de France, So get off the road!” Then in classic fashion the truck sped away with what I would assume was validation of his constructive criticism.

We all laughed pretty hard at the story and those of us in the room who have cycled the roads outside of our city had to laugh at the honesty of how difficult it is to ride there without being heckled, honked and or  snickered at.  We may not be training for a big race or even dream of  entering the realm of elite cycling, we just want to enjoy our home and all the beauty it has to offer from the perch of a bike seat. Is that really something to get so upset about?

By the way, even though I have never ridden with L. I have heard he is an animal when it comes to road and mountain biking and he would probably be quite a contender when up against any elite cyclist.