Let go

Watch this video. It’s Pretty cool. After that, ditch all your possessions and wander the desert and mountains.




Brody travel trailers

If your into cycling, your probably into road tripping and camping. We are!! Our friends at Brody travel trailers do restorations on vintage trailers. Really nice stuff. Check them out. Brodytravelsupply.com

Bicycle camper on craiglist

I saw this on craiglist today. Pretty amazing for $150 bucks. I’m thinking this could be my undercover hotel at seaotter. Maybe park it at embassy suites parking lot and enjoy the free breakfast in the morning:) image


Made in USA t-shirts

Hey all, just in case you didn’t know, the majority of our t-shirts are made in the USA and we use organic cotton or recycled polyester as much as we can. We really don’t preach about this stuff , but we think it is just logical to use cotton that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals. Also we love to make things in the USA when possible, sure it’s a little more expensive, but I think if we can keep the stitch going in the USA it’s a good thing.