Bike Thief Busted!!!!

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So My wife had her bike stolen from our house over a year ago.  I called the local bike shops and was watching Craigslist like a hawk to find the bike for sale.  No Luck.  #1 mistake I made– I didn’t report it to the Police.   Fast forward a year and a new bike for my wife.

Were were walking back from the farmers market, kombucha in hand, baby in stroller and beautiful wife next to me.   We were passing by these 2 teenagers–and something alerted my brain.  I saw the bike.  So instantly I turned around and grabbed the bike and told the kid –“Hey, that is my bike, you stole it!!!”   Next thing, there turned into a tug of war between me and the teenager.  He was claiming he bought it–anyways–he was getting more violent–and I didn’t really want to get in a fight with a kid on the main drag in our town–there was already enough attention drawn to us.  So my quick acting wife, called the police and 3 cars pulled up.

They separated us, while the cop was yelling at the kid.  Who are you going to believe if you’re the police, a kid with a Kings hat on crooked  or a yuppie couple with a kid?

I told the Police of all the additions that were on my bike that I did, the red tire on back was still there  and our Chopspokes that our company makes were still on the spokes.   Bad bike thiefs, they didn’t do anything to change the bike.    Also we had the serial number with the bike shop I purchased it from, so the cops confirmed with the shop and the bike was back in our hands.

Well we won that battle–and now we have an extra bike for sale. Any takers?


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