Rides and Races in 2012

Here are a few of our top picks of rides and races  for 2012 across North America

We know there are lots more out there so feel free to share with us via our comments link at bottom of post, with what ride or race you are training for!

Ragbrai– an annual 7 day ride across the state of Iowa. We have exhibited here in the past few years on the first day. This ride sounds like a blast!

Leadville Bike Race Series– One of our staff did this last year and kicked it

Door County Century Ride– Located in Door County Wisconsin, this ride sounds like fun and filled with stunning scenery.

TD 5 Boro Bike tour– We were in New York for the New Amsterdam Bike show last year during this tour. A great way to see the Big Apple.

UPAF’s Ride For The Arts-I did this ride last year here in Milwaukee and enjoyed every minute. Its a great ride for families as well. You can do  5, 12, 25, 50 or 75 miles.

RSVP-Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party– this ride is affiliated with the guys from the Seattle Cascade Bicycle Club. It sounds like a fun ride and to be able to see two of the best cities in North America…what could be better?

Fruita Fat Tire Festival- A week long  eventl that ends with an 18 hour race. Sponsored by New Belgium Beer. The two always go hand in hand-beer and bicycles.

Subaru Elephant Rock Century Ride– Another multi-mile ride for all types of cyclists. this ride is located in Colorado as well and they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Bike Ride.com this website has a huge list of month by month events, rides and races

We know there are lots more out there so feel free to share with us via our comments link what ride or race you are training for. 


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