women and bicycle repair

I just came across this article today from the Sacramento Press called  Bicyclette: Helping women bicyclists learn bicycle repair and maintenance.  A really insightful article and worth heading over there to read.

“Bicyclette is an after-hours session hosted by Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen, located at 1915 I St., that is exclusive to women, transgender and female-identified people, according to Andrea Havelaar, 37, outreach coordinator for the shop.

The free session is held from 6 – 9 p.m. every third Monday of the month.”

-quote from the article.

Being a  woman and new to the world of cycling I have a small fear of being 30 miles away from home and having my tire blow or I will evenadmit my chain falling off. I know these seem like simple fixes but to me they are something I still have not mastered. I have a bike savvy husband and even friends who know tons about bikes but this Bicyclette society at Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is totally up my ally.



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