vacation of the mind

I live in a amazing area, where riding is good every day…even riding in the rain is fun.  But sometimes i just want to get away.  One of my co-workers and I try to get a bicycle vacation in to Southen Utah to get away from it all, but it hasnt happened in awhile.  We always talk  about it…  Grilling steaks on slick rock, not showering for days, not having a warm enough sleeping bag.   The list goes on.   When we were single this was easy to do,  we could take off anytime and party with mormons in southern utah.  But now we have families, our lives are way better now…even though we talk about the ” good ole days” but nothing beats our families.    So instead we keep talking about it, and keep the mental image in our heads.   Guess i will hit the local trail this weekend .


Author: cyclelogicalgear

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