vintage fine leather goods.

So i have a secret spot in Utah where i can get Vintage Swiss and German army goods.  The place where i buy it from does not know that it is cool.   Its more of a Redneck paradise of fishing and hunting gear–and all around hardware store.  But tucked in the back is all vintage army goods…. its sweet.  The quality of the Swiss and German leather goods is amazing.  Some of these bags and pouches are 50-60 years old—and they will outlast me.   We are taking some of these items and making them avaiable to you.  They are all great for commuting and look great on Vintage type bikes.

I am personally sick of the wal-mart mentality our culture has took on.  Early in USA production–everything was built to last–it was sturdy and awesome.  Now–if you buy something from hope depot–like a rake–guaranteed the handle will break within 2 weeks.  Trust me, i have had my share of failed products made in the USA–with quality—but i am learning from my experiences to make a better product.  There also is really good made in China..and other countries production…that is built to last—not sure what the balance is.   I just think we need to get back to USA production.  jd

swiss made pouch

swiss pouch



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As bicycle commuters, we see a need for durable, versatile, and practical commuting gear. After researching the existing market extensively, we found absolutely nothing that matched all of our needs for practical and efficient commuting. We, then, took upon ourselves to develop our own line of gear that we believe is the best out there. Cyclelogical exists to bring the best travel and bike commuter gear to the market. Our gear will get you to and from your destination, be it the office or the grocery store, with all the right equipment and just the right amount of options, no less. Cyclelogical will get you there safely and totally in style! Our gear is made with the highest quality and most durable materials. We know, because we have researched them and tried them out. In addition, the Cyclelogical line of gear will also keep you safe and worry free on the road. Our mission at Cyclelogical is to help the environment by keeping gasoline consumption down, sustaining a healthy mind and body, and keeping the world we live in safe for bicycle commuting everywhere. WE ARE CYCLELOGICAL

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