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Here is one of the new bags we introduced at interbike.   We had a great response to it.  First , its made in the usa,  waterproof liner–seams are all welded.  Waterproof zipper.  The straps can tuck into the back of the bag and when on the bike .  Reflective tape when wearing as a back pack.   The canvas is a waxed canvas that is super cool.   This bag was intended for the cyclist that is using the bag as a pannier when commuting or riding, but also has the option to wear as a backpack.  This is one of my new favorite bags….  Testing out the bugs right now. Should have some ready for holiday.  Taking Pre-orders now.  Email abbie and she will take care of you.  thanks jd


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  1. Any chance you have a distributor in Australia? I was trying to order on the website but it looks like you dont ship overseas.