all in a days ride

Tour de Fat graced Wisconsin with their presence this past Saturday and it was quite a sight to see.  We skipped the 5 mile parade through our little area of Bay View, attended the morning festivities after and set out on our own biking excursion. We headed downtown, avoiding the crowds of German Fest and making our way to the north shore of the Cream City. We stopped for a coffee in White Fish Bay and headed back downtown passing Milwaukee Brewfest and stopping at the eclectic vibe of the Brady Street Festival, full of music, arts and crafts,  food and a bmx demo. After 5 hours we finally found ourselves home, tired and a bit more fond of our city.

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Milweaukeeans are getting more and more used to cyclist on the road and even though it may not be known as a “commuter city” we are trying our best to become one. With all of the summer fun this city has to offer, the best way to see it is on a bike, the only bummer of our day, was forgetting to bring our lock.



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