americano with love…

americano with love

americano with love

Every so often my body says, ‘get the heck out of bed super early and get on that bike….’ Most of the time I don’t listen, but the past few weeks of travel have been taking a tole one me and I realized yesterday on my way back from chicago that what I need most of all is a breath taking ride. I don’t mean to say I need to see the landscape, I need my lungs to explode.

So this morning, put my phone steaming pandora in my back pocket and took off around town. Lungs burning, thighs burning, smile from ear to ear as I bombed the park, road thru road construction and now am sipping a delicious americano from starbucks, made by my lovely wife. (Say what you will about your barista, but mine makes my espresso with love!).

Was able to update foursquare 2x on the ride! All before 6am, that’s a good start to the day.

Maybe I should lidten to my body’s call to get out of bed this early every day!


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