website…finally…on its way!

So in our attempt to provide some great and unique bike gear and bike lifestyle gear, we are updating our website once again. its always a progress of perfection.

one area that we want to increase is our ‘rider profile’ page. we would love a pic of you on or off your bike showing off your Cyclelogical gear. We love hearing the comments from other riders using our products and would love the opportunity to show you off! If you do have a pic(s) that you would like to send us, please email to

The second area we are updating is our ‘shop/gear’ page. we are updating this to show all our shirts and designs as well as a place to sell wholesale to our many retailers. Please allow us some time on this page to get up to speed and have all the buttons working!


Author: cyclelogicalgear

As bicycle commuters, we see a need for durable, versatile, and practical commuting gear. After researching the existing market extensively, we found absolutely nothing that matched all of our needs for practical and efficient commuting. We, then, took upon ourselves to develop our own line of gear that we believe is the best out there. Cyclelogical exists to bring the best travel and bike commuter gear to the market. Our gear will get you to and from your destination, be it the office or the grocery store, with all the right equipment and just the right amount of options, no less. Cyclelogical will get you there safely and totally in style! Our gear is made with the highest quality and most durable materials. We know, because we have researched them and tried them out. In addition, the Cyclelogical line of gear will also keep you safe and worry free on the road. Our mission at Cyclelogical is to help the environment by keeping gasoline consumption down, sustaining a healthy mind and body, and keeping the world we live in safe for bicycle commuting everywhere. WE ARE CYCLELOGICAL

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