just downloaded wordpress to blackberry…this could be an adventure

My wife and I had the discussion a few days ago, that since I travel a bit and often see really weird, random, funny and amazing things that I also should tap into our blog…so this just may become an adventure of a lifetime!

I hope maybe by writing and posting this will somehow refine my odd, un-filtered, sarcastic and coffee loving personality.

Just to give a quick snapshot of me…I enjoy biking…commuting around town and mtb, sorry you won’t catch me in spandex on a century! I like good coffee, I’ll take an americano please, I have come to love ameracana, raw denim, which is my new big thing and frequent flyer miles!

Pouring my life into cyclelogical has been one of the biggest expressions of creativity I’ve ever experienced, the journey has just begun, and there are many roads to travel, but its been a moment by moment breath of life.

Look forward to this adventure!


Author: cyclelogicalgear

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